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Snyder Spindles

3D printed 45 spindle Top Whorl Drop Spindle

3D printed 45 spindle Top Whorl Drop Spindle

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This 3D printed 45 record spindle adapter (record spider) shaped whorl drop spindle weighs between 1.1-1.3 ounce (32-37 g)
Redesigned for 2023, it features a handmade 3.25" diameter whorl made from PLA and Steel Cap Screws for weight.
Hand turned 10" long Baltic Birch shaft, 91/4" under the whorl.
Made with the mass to the rim for better balance and longer spin.
Great for n-ply on the fly. You can park your loop in one if the arms.
The video features the Dichromatic Blue Raspberry.

*DC stands for Dichromatic. Dichromatic plastic blends of two different colors, both of which will feature on your finished print. By rotating the part to a different orientation you can completely change the visible color.

The spindles are 3D printed from Polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is derived from renewable resources like cornstarch and tapioca roots and is biodegradable. The only trade off for not sitting in a landfill for future super intelligent apes to find is the glass transition temperature of PLA (temperature where the plastic gets soft) is 60–65 °C. (140-149 °F). So do not keep them in your oven, your car in the summer or anywhere that you would not want to hang out.

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