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Snyder Spindles

3D Printed Gear Spindle

3D Printed Gear Spindle

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Primary color

This medium weight Steampunk style gear top whorl drop spindle weighs 1.6-1.7 oz (46-48 g)
It has a 4" diameter whorl made from PLA, with a 10" long Baltic birch shaft and a cup hook with a bronze finish.
I have added cap head screws for additional weight.
If you are looking for a top whorl to start your spinning journey, this is a great spindle to start with.
The rim weighted whorl allows for a longer spin and the gears are great for a notch anywhere on the whorl.
The video features Dichromatic Blue Raspberry.

DC stands for Dichromatic
Dichromatic plastic blends of two different colors, both of which will feature on your finished print. By rotating the part to a different orientation you can completely change the visible color.

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