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Destiny 3 Turkish Spindle

Destiny 3 Turkish Spindle

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This Destiny 3 spindle is a hybrid variable weight Turkish spindle. It is made of 3D printed plastic arms, hand turned hardwood shafts and steel screws. This is an unusual combination; the rubber like plastic is used for durability, wood for rigidity and feel, and steel for weight. The combination of these materials allows for the mass to be on the outside of the spindle, to increase duration of the spin. This is a complete redesign of what a Turkish spindle could be.

Name: Destiny 3
Arm Material: TPU (flexible rubber-like material)
Type: Medium weight Turkish
Shaft Material: Hard Maple
Shaft Length: 7"
Arm Length: 4" (10.16 cm) 3" between balls on ends but you can stack the fiber on the balls on the end
Bolts: M5 x 10mm, 4mm allen key included
Weights: Fully Weighted 1.2 oz (35 g)
Half Weighted 1 oz (29 g)
No Weights 0.8 oz (23 g)

*Because the shafts are handmade from wood all lengths and weights are approximate
The spindle also comes with assembly instructions.

**please note we no longer supply the 4 mm allen key (a 5/32" key will also work)

What sets the Destiny spindles apart from other turkish spindles?

It uses 4 smaller arms that nest together to create the whorl, rather than 2 long arms. This design makes it possible to have weight on the tips of the arms and still be able to disassemble the spindle to get the center pull ball off.

The weights are also removable so you can fine tune the spindle to your liking, even when you have yarn on the spindle. So let's say the spindle is getting too heavy for the yarn you are spinning. You can take half or all of the weights off and just keep spinning. You have the benefit of having a spindle that spins great empty and when the weight of the yarn takes over you can remove them.
After much thought I decided to use M5 Socket Head Cap Screws for the weights. If they get misplaced you can get replacements locally, rather than waiting for replacements in the mail.

The spindles are 3D printed from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU is a flexible material used for automotive instrument panels, caster wheels (shopping cart wheels), power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts....

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Very fast spindle. Clever design. Highly recommend