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Snyder Spindles

Spinning Kit: Standard, Niddy Noddy, Wraps/Inch gauge, Roving

Spinning Kit: Standard, Niddy Noddy, Wraps/Inch gauge, Roving

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This spinning kit includes a cherry standard, niddy noddy, wraps inch gauge and 4 oz of roving.

The Standard Turkish spindle weighs 1-1.2 oz (27-34g) weights are approximate.
Handmade from Cherry with a Hard Maple shaft
the arms measure 4.5" and the shaft is 8"
The shaft has a small finial to hold the half hitch.

The 1 yard Niddy Noddy is 3d printed from PLA breaks down into 2 pieces for easy storage. 1 yard niddy noddies are great for samples up to 4 oz of yarn. perfect for spindles- smaller e-wheels.  Attribution license: this pattern was designed initially by sarahspinsis licensed under the Creative Commons

The Wraps per Inch Gauge measures the thickness of your yarn. It's made from 3mm Baltic birch plywood. It is laser cut and engraved. It has 1/16" lined ruler and is approximately 3" tall by 2" wide. Natural wood will have some variation in it.

4 ounces of domestic blend wool roving, domestic 56s Wool Top, 29.5 micron. The wool is collected from Fleece State area of U.S. wool production, predominantly black face meat sheep. The area is all the states east of the Mississippi and any state west of it that is not split by the Continental Divide. The soil generally makes it difficult to get the whitest fiber.    I use this roving on a regular basis, it is what I used when I learned how to spin. I also use it when teaching beginners, as it has a longer staple length (about 4 to 4 1/2") and drafts well. I have also created a beginner spinning tutorial to help get you started


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